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         Thessalonians  &  John ch1 Commentary

First Thessalonians one

Written to the Church in Thessalonica from the Greek city of Corinth in the 50’s AD

1….Paul, Silvanus and Timothy, writing to the church of the Thessalonians. To you who share our faith in God our father and our Lord Jesus Christ; Grace and peace to you from GOD our father and our Lord Jesus Christ

2….We always give thanks for GOD for you and you are always in our prayers.

3….We remember your works and faithfulness, the works you do in love, and your loving quiet faith in Jesus and under the watchful eye of GOD our father.

4….This we know, that you brothers are loved and chosen by GOD.

5….Our gospel did not come to you only by our words, but in the power of the Holy Ghost. You observed our walk and testimony among you as evidence of the truth.

6….Because of our example you follow the doctrine of Christ. You are faithful enduring persecution joyfully in the power of the Holy Ghost,

7….So that you are good and worthy testimonies to all the believers in Greece; in Macedonia and Achaia.

8….You taught the Word of our Lord not only in Macedonia and Achaia, but in the hearing of people everywhere so that our recommendation of you is unnecessary.

9….For the Churches witnessed our conduct and discipleship among you, and how you received the gospel and left your idols, serving God.

10...And to await the return of His son Jesus from Heaven, this Jesus whom GOD raised from the dead, this Jesus who delivers us from the coming wrath of GOD.



One Thessalonians two

1…..You brothers know that our testimony and example among you was not in vain

2….But even after we suffered persecution in Phillippi, we were outspoken proclaiming the Gospel of GOD to you despite much opposition.

3….Our proclamation of the Gospel did not originate in deceit or lies

4….We were trusted by GOD to preach the Gospel, we speak not to please men, but to please GOD who searches our hearts for truth.

5….You are aware that at no time did we use flattery to acquire anything from you; GOD is our witness.

6….We did not seek prominence or fame among you or anyone else when we could have done so and could have become a financial burden to you as apostles of Christ.

7….But we were gentle around you with the tenderness of a nursing mother.

8….So, being affectionately loving of you, we wanted to give you not just the Gospel, but our own souls because we love you.

9….For you remember our labor and diligence among you; for we labored night and day because we would not eat another mans bread; so we preached the good news to you.

10...GOD our father and you our brothers witness the holy just and blameless manner we conducted ourselves among you who believe.

11...As you know how we encouraged comforted and descipled all of you as a father would his children.

12...That you would have a good testimony before GOD, who has chosen you to enter His kingdom and share His glory.

13...For we continually thank GOD because when you received the Gospel of Jesus rather than the deceitful words of men, this word of GOD continually works in you who believe.

14...You brothers have become followers of the churches of GOD, the same as the churches in Judea, and you

suffer similar persecution from your own neighbors as they do from the Jews.

15...These Jews who killed our Lord Jesus as well as their own prophets. These evil men who have persecuted us

oppose GOD and all men.

16….These Jews (who are false teachers) forbid us to speak to the gentiles so that they might find salvation; so

that the gentiles will be lost in their sins . Because of this, the wrath of GOD in coming against them in


17...Brothers, we are with you in heart though separated by a great distance. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

18…..I, Paul have much desired to come visit you, but were hindered by Satan’s efforts .

19…..Your presence will be our joy, hope and crown of rejoicing when we see Jesus at His coming.

20…..You will be our glory and joy in that day

First Thessalonians 3 4 5




One Thessalonians Three

1...Therefore, when we desired to know of your faithfulness, and lives, we decided to remain in Athens alone.

2…We sent our brother Timothy to you to minister to you the gospel of Christ to ground you and comfort you in your faith.

3….no man should be discouraged by these persecutions, for you know that we are also troubled and persecuted.

4….you remember that when we were with you we told you that all believers suffer trouble and persecution, as you are now experiencing.

5….for this reason, when I could no longer wait to hear from you, I sent Timothy to you to know of your faith, to see if you are still strong in the faith and that Satan has not led you astray.

6….but now that Timothy has returned from visiting you, he brought us good news of your faith and love and that you fondly remember us and desire to see us as we do of you.

7….therefore brothers, we were comforted by your faith during all our troubles and persecutions.

8….we are spiritually encouraged when we see you stand fast in the faith

9….how can we express our joyful thanks for you before GOD, we rejoice in your salvation in our GOD.

10…we pray night and day that we may see you soon and disciple and increase your faith.




One Thessalonians Four

1-2...Finally, brothers, we strongly urge you in the Lord Jesus to be a more faithful witness of Christ as we taught you so you please GOD; because you remember the commandment we gave you through our Lord Jesus

3-6...It is GODs will that you are set apart from this world in sexual purity, to know how to keep from immoral sin. To live honorably, not in lustful passion as the unbeliever who do not know GOD , so that we do not betray our wives and families.

6-8 Because GOD punishes sexual sin as we have told you. The person who commits sexual sin rejects GOD who gave us the Holy Spirit

9-10…. You have no need that I teach you about brotherly love because the Holy Spirit has taught you to love all the brothers in Macedonia ( Greece). We urge you to increase this faithful love tword each other.

11…...that you desire to live quietly, not like the world, to mind your own business and work to earn your own bread as we taught you.

12…...that you have a faithful public testimony and be a faithful Christian.

13…..It is my desire that you not be ignorant, brothers, concerning our faithful brothers who are now dead so that you are grief stricken as are people without hope,

14…..just as we believe that Jesus died and rose again, we believe that Jesus will bring these loved ones with him when He comes back.

15….for this we say to you by the word of Jesus that we who are alive when Jesus comes will not be taken up to Jesus before those that are dead.

16…. For our Lord Jesus will descend from heaven with a shout; with the voice of an Archangel, and the trumpet of GOD, The faithful believers who died will be raised from the dead first,

17….then we believers who are alive on the Earth shall be taken up to Jesus along with the resurrected believers and we shall all be with Jesus forever.

18… therefore comfort each other with this promise.




First Thessalonians five

1-3….I taught you about the era of Jesus 2nd coming. You know from my teaching that the day of Jesus coming comes to the world suddenly as a thief does in the night. When the unbelieving world is saying “peace and safety” they are suddenly destroyed as birth pangs begin to a woman. They shall not escape destruction.

4-5…..But you, brothers, are not in the worlds darkness, so that you will know about when this is going to happen. You are sons of the light, Jesus, and are not sons of the darkness of this world.

6-8…..Let us not be unaware, clueless, but be sober and discerning of the times we live in and of our faith. Our faith and love is like a soldiers breast plate and our hope of salvation as his helmet, warding off blows from Satan.

9-10….GOD chose us to be saved from His wrath through our faith in Christ who died for us. This is His eternal promise.

11….. Therefore continue to comfort and disciple each other.

First Thessalonians five

12-13...Brothers, recognize your pastors who shepherd and reprove you and love and respect them for their ministry, as you live together peacefully.

14-15…we encourage you, brothers to warn unfaithful brothers, comfort and encourage the weak and fainthearted. Do to others as you would have them do to you.

16-18… Pray and rejoice constantly in Jesus , be thankful for everything for this is GOD’s will for you.

19-22… Do not refuse the prompting of the Holy Spirit, study and respect prophecies. Verify the truth of teaching by scripture, flee from evil.

23-24….Now may the GOD of peace physically and spiritually preserve you in Christ. May you be found pure and faithful when Jesus comes for you. He will be faithful in His promise.

25-26….Brothers, keep us in your prayers. Greet all the brothers with a holy kiss.

27-28…. I command you by our Lord that this letter be read to all our holy brethren. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, Amen

Two Thessalonians ch One

Written to the Church in Thessalonica from the Greek city of Corinth in the 50’s AD

1….Paul, Silvanus and Timothy, writing this letter to the church of the Thessalonians. These are fellow believers in Jesus Our Lord.

2….Grace and Peace to you from GOD our Father and our Lord Jesus.

3….As it is proper, we thank GOD Constantly for you, our beloved brothers. Your faith grows daily as does the love you have for each other.

4….We glorify GOD for you and the other churches; for your patience and faith, and how you endure persecutions and trouble.

5….This is an obvious evidence of the righteous judgment of GOD, showing that you are judged worthy of salvation and eternal life in GOD’s kingdom. For the reason of faithfulness you suffer persecution in this life.

6….It is a righteous act by GOD to bring trouble and distress to those who persecute you for your faith. ( Note in some cases judgment of the wicked is delayed for a time.)

7….You who suffer trouble and distress shall rest alongside us when our Lord Jesus shall return from heaven to Jerusalem with His mighty angels ( note: see Zechariah 12/13/14 :) )

8….With His mouth ((speaking judgment )) sending flaming fire in vengeance on the ungodly who refused to know GOD or obey the gospel of Jesus Christ.

9….These shall be punished in eternal hellfire and darkness, choosing to be separated from the presence of GOD and from His glory, light and power.

10...When Jesus shall come, He will be glorified by the faith of His saints and be admired by all who believed in Him in that glorious day.

11...We constantly pray for you that our GOD will find you diligent in our common faith with goodness and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

12...That Jesus be glorified in your lifestyle and you through your witness and testimony through the grace and power of our GOD and our Lord Jesus Christ.



Two Thessalonians 2

   When there is discussion about the meaning of a word, the context of the discussion

reveals the truth….. Here the Thessalonians thought that they had missed the rapture, and Paul assures them they had not..

   In 2Thess2:3 The Greek word for “apostacy” means “Departure” in the English! So there is a parallel meaning here, both  “departure” as in the rapture and  a “Falling Away” from the faith as in the KJV. 


Note that verses 7-9 the Holy Spirit stops restraining evil  the moment the church departs in the Rapture!!!


Here are four early translations of 2Th 2:3…...Tyndale (1534)2Th 2:3 excepte ther come a departynge fyrst— Coverdale (1535)excepte the departynge come first, —–the Geneva Bible (1537)except there come a departing first, —–Cranmer (1539 excepte ther come a departynge fyrst,


2 Thess 2

1..Now we earnestly ask you, our friends, according to the coming of Jesus at the Rapture,

2..That you not be deceived by any letter supposedly from us saying that we had missed the rapture and that the 2nd coming of Jesus is soon.

3...Don’t be deceived for the 2nd coming of Jesus will not come until the departure of the Church in the rapture, followed by the revealing of the anti-Christ

4 This man indwelt by Satan who exalts himself above GOD or is worshipped as god. This man will sit in the newly rebuilt temple showing to himself that he is god

5...Remember that when I was with you, I told you these things?

6...And now you understand that  the Holy Spirit holds back the coming of the AntiChrist until GODs appointed time

7...For GODlessness in now evident in part until the Holy Spirit ceases from restraining it

8...Then the AntiChrist will be revealed, who is the evil one whom Jesus will devour with his spoken word and with the holy glory of His 2nd coming

9...This AntiChrist who rise to power is through Satanic lying wonders

10...That the unrighteous will be deceived and perish because they refused knowledge of the truth through which they might have been saved

11..Because of their rejection of HIS truth, GOD will cause them to be deceived and that they should believe THE LIE

12...That all who rejected the truth will be dammed , those who were happy in doing evil.

13..But we are encouraged to continuously give thanks to GOD because of you, our beloved brethren in the LORD, because from the beginning of the world GOD chose you for salvation being cleansed by the Holy Spirit believing the truth.

14...By the Holy Spirit HE called you by our Gospel, to obtain the glory of Jesus Christ—literally eternal life

15..Therefore brothers, remain faithful to the teachings which you have received from us either by our words or our letters to you.

16...Now our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and GOD our heavenly Father who has loved us, and given us everlasting comfort and eternal hope through His grace

17...Comfort your hearts and encourage you in everything you say and do.




Two Thessalonians ch three

1...finally brothers, pray for us, that the good news (Gospel) of Jesus be preached without opposition and be

glorified just as it is among you.

2...pray that we may be delivered from the opposition of unreasonable and wicked men as not all men have faith

3….Our Lord Jesus Christ is faithful who will strengthen your faith and keep your path from evil

4… And we have confidence in our Lord guiding your steps that you continue walking in Jesus path

5...May our Lord direct your hearts increasing your love for Him and to teach us to patiently wait for His coming.

6…In the name of Jesus we command you , our brothers, to withdraw fellowship from a brother who lives like the world, who forsakes his testimony, and the Gospel which he received from us.

7… You know how to live your Christian life because we were a good Christian example among you.

8….While preaching to you we worked night and day so we did not eat any other mans bread , that we might not discourage or take advantage of any of you.

9….Not because as apostles we did not have the traditional authority as teachers to request free lodging, but we wanted to be a good example to you that you will do likewise.

10….When we labored next to you we taught you that an idle person who would not work should not eat by the labor of others.

11….We hear that some among you are living like the unsaved world, not working at all, and are idle busybodies.

12….Now concerning these idle people, we command by our Lord Jesus that they live quietly according to our doctrine and eat their own bread.

13….But you, our brothers, do not be discouraged in your Christian walk and testimony..

14….And if any person in the fellowship disregards the teaching of this letter, be aware of that person and his sin, and withdraw fellowship from him so that he may be ashamed of his actions.

15….Yet do not regard him as an enemy, but gently correct him as a brother in Christ.

16….Now Jesus, Our Lord and Prince of peace give you eternal peace.

17….This greeting I write myself, which I do at the end of every letter.

18….The eternal grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, Amen

The Gospel of John

Chapter one…

1….in the beginning was the WORD, the creative power of GOD. This WORD, Jesus, was with GOD and was GOD

2….This Word, Jesus, was IN THE beginning with GOD the Father.

3….Jesus created all things and only by Jesus were all things created

4….Only in Jesus is there light of salvation for mankind

5….The light of Christ shines in this dark sinful world and the man lost in sinful darkness cannot understand The Light.

6….A man was sent from GOD and his name was John

7….John was sent to testify about the Light, who was the coming Christ, so that through Jesus men would believe GOD and receive eternal life.

8….John was not the Light, the Christ, but was sent to bear witness of the coming Christ

9….Who is the true Light, that gives light to every person in the world

10…Jesus was in the world, the world was made by Him, but the world did not know Him.

11...Jesus presented himself to his Jewish brothers, but they refused to believe in him

12...But as many people who received Him, them he empowered to be Sons of GOD, all who believe in Him

13...We receive this gift of eternal life, not by any merit we have, but by GODs sovereign grace (( “not by blood or by flesh or by men’s will” KJV )

14...and the Word, Jesus was born of a woman and lived among us. We witnessed the glory of his life and miracles The glory as the only son of GOD the father, giving us both Grace and Truth.

Note: Jesus has always been. GOD the Father never created Jesus … Jesus is subordinate to the Fathers will and therefore is His son.

15… John testified about the Christ, saying,He is the One, the Christ, who comes after me who is my master whose glory was foretold to men

16…..through His power and love we receive forgiveness for our sins.

17…..we had received the Law through Moses but we receive the free gift of salvation through the Christ.

18….. No one has ever seen GOD the Father. Jesus, the only son of GOD is one with GOD and has spoken to us of GOD..

….See previous note again :) ...

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