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New Botany Bay Poem

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1840s Mountain Man Rendezvous San Diego



Muzzleloader Magazine

Nephilim the Giants

great video

Brackett  Crocker  Hanscom  Genealogies page  six

                          Ancient Climates on Books page

My New Anthology  of  3 Novellas now published !!

Forgotten History!

To understand the present we must first look into our Past!


Three of my novellas can be read HERE on this web page!  ALL my novellas are on Kindle!

As well as my novellas, I have written quite a few stories, some of them are here.

See  my "5 stories"page...

See my Books page about these novellas!


Pilgrim Plantation 1634


         Piscataqua 1630s


The Gospel letter to Athens


34AD: to the ends of the Earth



King Solomon's Ships


The English voyaged West

Before Columbus



All are On Amazon Kindle !!!







Books:    My Novellas 

and Climate Changes in history

Stories: The Endeavor Voyages

The Prodigal pig;   First Dibbs & Among the Sea of Stars

Me:  and Genealogies




Imminentcy & Eternal Security

The Gospel Letter to Athens: ,,, In FULL Here!


& Bible Evidence in Science

Thessalonians & John:



The wait is over. Thrilling and entertaining, like the experience on a crazy roller coaster.

The New Jerusalem Times


Thrilling in the extreme,  definite are page-flippers.

The Washington Compost and Fish Wrapper 

Moose  2300 pounds - 9 ft antler spread - 6 ft at shoulder- Maine

The Coming Great Deception !!!

Nefilim giants alive today!!!

Smithsonian cover-up about GIANTS and are they still alive today ?

There is coming very soon a great deception that will rock the foundations of our civilization... There will appear in our skys what seems to be star-ships from a great galactic civilization... And seemingly Alien creatures walking among us-- saying they are here to ""help us""  and insisting that they are our creators!!!  All very soon... "As in the day of Noah, so shall the days of the son of man be" Matthew says...

These are the demonicly created Nefilim

Who were here at the dawn of our civilization now returning to Earth...


--the final great deception--



| L.A. Marzulli on Sid Roth's

It's Supernatural!

See Dr Chuck Missler's works and especially his message:



Bourne Bridge Cape Cod

Sept 2010

Rebel f5 800 asa 9Sec 10pm overcast

My Mother's grave in front of this beautiful Rhododendron Bush

Below. Pastor Lowthropp's 1644 House church/Bible study room  where my ancestors William and Alice Crocker worshiped... Maybe the oldest??? origional house church in America?

The House was immensely added to over time.

It now is  part of Barnstable's Sturgis  Library Museum...

Pastor Lothrops family room next to his Church meeting room whose doorway is halfway down this room on the right.

Two Greek  iron armor piercing arrowheads from the classical period and one  Roman bronze 1st century hunting spearhead from Israel ...
a quarter used for size reference
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